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I lost my mirror frame, what do I do, the Dealer wants hundreds of Dollars

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You might not be aware but we the largest distributor of Car Mirror Replacement Glass blanks on the internet. We started this service back in 1998, and were the first supplier of Car Mirror Replacement Glass blanks that we instructed customers how easy it was to replace "Just the Glass" concept saving you hundreds of dollars. When that poor mirror cracked as you backed out of your driveway or was driving down the road and a rock kicked up, or that BIG TRUCK with those nasty trailer mirrors hit your poor mirror as it was parked on the street, and wack. We now also have another battle of thieves stealing mirrors frames off cars. They do this because many are now high tech. The simple mirror on  the frame that you look into when changing lanes are now gone on both sides, because they were ones that had arrows in them, heated, an mostly high end cars. These mirror frames run around 500 dollars plus.

However what do you do when the frame is no longer on the car. Our job has always been to help our customer determine this. One of our biggest challenges has been to explain what side view mirror glass is made of. Your Car Mirror Replacement Glass is made of 2 parts, one is the glass, the other is the frame that the glass is attached to that then is attached to the housing on your car. Its very difficult explanation. Here are to 3 pictures. One where both frame and glass is missing from the vehicle, the other is where the glass is just broken..

                                                                              Frame is gone, glass and frame is Missing                        You still have your frame, just remove the glass              Mirror Falling out of frame, just glue the glass back on

Because many times people order our mirror glass only product, they assume that the frame comes with the glass. We do our best to explain this by referring them to explain this on our how to page. Click Here to read this page.

So What is the new service we offer. If you have already called your dealer, you would find that they only sell the whole housing and not just the glass. Why do they do this, well its simple...TO MAKE MONEY.  If you have gone to your local Junk Yard, at times you would find major disappointment in the cost being  they know your in a bind, and also understand that they will sell you the whole housing and not just the glass. This is actually not a bad thing. If you look at the picture above, this mirror was from a Buick Lesabre. I don't know if you notice, but his motor assembly is bent or broken off the housing. Many times, just losing the frame you may have lost, other parts may be missing as well to be able to switch the frame from the housing you bought to the one that's missing on your vehicle. Example, some Toyota's use a T clip to make the connection. So if I were to send you just the frame, and did not have this clip,  you would not be able to install the frame by the simple switching. The other DO NOT EVER DO thing is to purchase an online housing which you see at incredible savings. These product are made in Asia, and although they look like the housing you have on the car, they are far from OEM quality. Many need to be rewired, and if you ever need the glass replacement, you are out of luck because they do not use the same pattern although close. The only time I would ever recommend using their service, is if it is a manual mirror for a very old car. Yes..a 1991 Toyota corolla, with a lever setup would be fine. Those would cost around 60 dollars, however if you use our service, its a strong possibility that our used frame in new condition will still be cheaper.

Here is what we do and how we do it. We do have a large supply of both frames and housings. As we do manufacture the mirror glass we do this from from purchasing housing to get correct patterns to make the molds that makes the mirror glass replacement. We have set up some very strong relationships  with many Junk yards who are very reputable. They promise us what they consider, A-1 housings and frames. These are a select few very reliable Yards that we created in our database, and have formed a very strong relationship with. Being a very large what they call Outsourcer, we are treated very well by them, and thus that service is transferred over to you.

Below, please find the form in which you would fill out for us to find the frame in which  you are missing. What we also try to do, is get the housing that is the same color of the one you have on the car already. Many times, when you break your mirror you do some damage to that housing, and if you find that it is beyond repair by just switching the frames, you then would have a housing that is the color of the car, and then might consider replacing the housing after all. Many are connected to the car by removing the inner triangular plate, and 3 bolts to remover. Again we are always here for you. If you ever have any questions on how to install the housing of removing the frame when doing the switch, you can always contact us by calling 845-496-2500.

So to get a price on what it would cost on getting a used in new condition OEM frame for your vehicle, please fill the form below. We will contact you in what ever manner you preferred on the form. Please allow us 0-48 hours to do the research and to find you the best deal. You will be very surprised how low the cost would be. You have nothing to lose but your time in filling out the form.

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The more information you give us, the better in success we can provide you in finding your product. If you were referred here by Customer service, please enter their name. It is also important that you include the same email address that you used.

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