How to measure your glass product

How to measure your glass product.

This might sound stupid, but please read this in its entirety


Take a tape measure to the edge of the glass and measure the width. Remember to stretch the tape measure to the end. Do the same with the height of the glass. Write down those measurements immediately. Do not leave it to memory.  Every spun measuring tool will have a 1/16th or 1/8th slip at the edge of the tape. So make sure to stretch it out and have the hook hold the edge of the glass, otherwise your measurement will be off. Always use a modern day tape measure. A sewing kit measurer or wooden ruler will not do. Often when dealing with glass, their may be a frame around the glass product. It could be metal, or wood depending on the product use. In fire place or wood burning stoves, it will be made of case iron or stainless steel. This glass will sit inside a channel of the metal. In order to get a correct measurement you must take the metal apart exposing the glass. If your glass product is tempered, then measuring is tricky. There are 2 ways you can get a correct measurement. One is to pull one of the width pieces off and the height piece as well. See how much the glass protruded inside the channel. Figure that length and multiply by 2 to get the channel size. Put the frame together, and measure the edge of the frame where you would start to see the glass, not the edge of the frame.  Measure that, then add the channel size. This should get you a very good measurement of the glass you need. In most fire places, most of the other panes are the same size. You could always measure those pieces to determine the size of the broken piece. but measure them all to determine that this is true.

If your product is wood burning stove glass, then this product would have just cracked. Try to remove the glass from the oven face and piece it together. If you have an oval or odd shaped product, you will need to trace a pattern for us to cut this correctly. For pricing purposes, measure the longest width with the longest height of the glass and enter those numbers into our calculator. We do have an additional charge for odd cut for both the tempered for fireplaces and the Pyroceram wood stove glass.

Last but not least, the most important measurement of all. That is the thickness of your product. You will need a good eye for this. Take the edge of the glass, and start at the one inch mark on your tape measure. Remember the beginning of the measurer has a slip. So don't go to the edge of the measurer to do this. On a typical tape measure, you will see either 16 or 32 lines in between each inch number. Each line determines the fraction. The smaller line would be the 1/32 (however most measures only will have 16 lines). The next larger line will be the 1/16, then next larger line the 1/4, the largest is the 1/2. If  you have a wood burning stove product, 99% of that glass is 3/16th. However tempered product could go as high as 1/2 inch thick. Most common in fireplace glass is also 3/16 thick, but some are 1/4 and rarely 1/8th. So take a piece of the broken tempered and measure the thickness using my explanation.

Use this technique for all you glass measuring needs. Including window panes, storm windows, insulated units, and picture frames.

Now that you have read this please go back and fill out the measuring pricing calculator and get your price and product.

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