It is very strongly suggested that you READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS!!!!

If you have an arched or special pattern for us to cut, we will need a pattern. It is strongly suggested that you take the glass out of the woodstove or insert and place it on a strong piece of paper. Please do not use newspaper, or paper bag. We find the best is a file folder if your glass can fit, or good old construction or oak tag paper.  Use a pencil or thin magic marker and trace the glass edge. If your glass is in pieces, I know this is difficult to trace, but sometimes taping the glass together to keep it steady will make a better pattern. After making the pattern especially in the case of arches, measure from the bottom up where the arch starts. This will help us make a very good cut from your pattern.

If you do not have glass to trace, then get some old time oak tag type paper. Trace it the best you can against the opening of the door. Then cut it, place it to the door and make adjustments accordingly. Now after tracing your pattern please put your name and telephone number onto the pattern. Now here is the important part. You must go back to the ordering page, by either closing this box or going to and fill out the form. This is a must. Enter the approximate measurements in the size fields in decimals (see chart above the form), and then complete the rest of the form. WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED YOUR PATTERN. However by doing this we know a pattern is coming and we file these and match them when they come in. It is difficult for us to contact people during business hours, and get the information needed (credit card, email, etc) so we cut and ship your patterned product. We do get WAY to many of these, and do not want to mix up peoples orders, so this is a must.

Unfortunately we can not accept patterns using Adobe Acrobat or Fax. Due to the transfer of such patterns size differences do occur.

We now will need you to ship this pattern to us. Please send all patterns to

Internet Glass Network/Pattern Dept

Attention Ray Albrecht

515 Barberry Ln

New Windsor, NY 12553

The charge for cut to size patterns is an additional $25.00 above the price quoted when you click on your price. Do your best  when filling out the form on the measurements. We will adjust accordingly the true price and size of the product, which will only change the price a few dollars either way. Patterns do take time, so you must be patient. The average turn around for patterns when received is 72 hours, but is usually shorter.

Again, Thanks for using our service

Ray Albrecht, Internet Glass Network, 845-496-2500